– What is Гревел Кинг?

It is a race along the most beautiful routes of the Leningradsky District combined with camping in a company of friends.
Three-day camping nearby the fire and gravel race are waiting for you. We’ve arranged a quite interesting 90 km long route. Road quality and complexity strongly depend on weather conditions as the main part of it is located deep in the forest. Anyway, you will face with sharp gravel, sand traps, fords, bits of good and poor asphalt and few kilometres of cobbled road.

– Where and when?

The race will take place on 16-18 June at Leningradsky District, nearby St. Petersburg. The exact race location will be announced one week before the start. For now, we can say that it is about 60-90 minutes by train from the city.

More detailed information on race location will be announced one week before the start.

– Who can participate?

Everyone who has a bike which meets the requirements and who has registered can take part in the race.

– Does my bike fit?

Gravel bike with 40с tires is preferable for the race.

Your bike should not have the suspension, if otherwise, it should have the drop handlebar. If you are going to take one of touring hardtails, please write to us in advance for approval. if you have any questions whether your bike meets the requirement email us.

– Is it a professional race?

We expect participants with different backgrounds, so everyone will find an even match. The main thing is to be ready to cross 100 km of cross country.

– Do local riders have any advantage?

Nope, we will announce the exact race route one week before the start.

– Can I take part in the race only?

Sure, three-day camping is not obligatory, but you will miss out a lot.

– Can my family or friends join the event?

Definitely YES

– Accommodation

If you need help or advice with accommodation in St. Petersburg, email us.